Custom Branded Candles

Brand Your Business

Looking for customer or client gifts? Employee thank you gifts? Corporate branded swag for trade shows? Closing gifts for your clients who've purchased a new house? Let us create a custom, branded, clean-burning candle to beautify their space and they'll think of you each time they light it!

  • Our candles are hand-poured with 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, and clean fragrances. They don't release toxins or irritate allergies. 
  • We create all designs in-house and can make a custom design just for you. We can also use an existing design you have. 
  • Designs & branding are permanently printed on mugs in-house (not a sticker/label) so your customer will always have your information.
  • The mugs are reusable - once the candle is gone, they can clean out the mug and continue using it to enjoy a favorite beverage.

Bulk pricing is available on our Enamel Mug Candles and Candle Tins with low minimum orders. Contact us to see what we can create for you.

Bulk Pricing Discounts

12 Candle Mugs - $20 each, 12 Candle Tins - $11 each

24 Candle Mugs - $18 each, 24 Candle Tins - $9 each

36 Candle Mugs - $16 each, 36+ Candle Tins - $7 each

48+ Candle Mugs - $14 each

100+ Candle Tins - $5 each 

Enamel Mug Candles                                    Candle Tins


We offer our Enamel Mug Candles with a custom design on the front and your company logo on the back or we can make these with your logo on the front. These make nice client gifts, prizes for contests, event speaker gifts, etc.

Our smaller Candle Tins can also be made with a custom design and/or your company logo. They are perfect for employee gifts, corporate branded swag for trade shows and other events, small thank you gifts, etc.

Our Enamel Mug Candles are the perfect closing gift to remind your clients of your excellent services each time they light the candle. And since the mugs can be used to drink out of after the candle is done burning, they'll be using it for years to come! These are also awesome referral partner gifts, great for door prizes or giveaways at events, can be used at Open Houses to freshen any home, etc.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Looking to send a client thank you gift in the mail? Need to send recurring gifts to your customers or clients? Let us handle all the work for you! Our gift boxes can be made with our Enamel Mug Candles or our Candle Tins in any design, including your logo. We use white gift boxes that are sturdy enough for shipping and fill them with black paper shred. In addition to the candle of your choice, we can include a sticker, handwritten note, tube of matches, etc. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.


Below are some examples of custom, branded candles we've made: 

 We'd love to make custom, branded candles for you too! Simply fill out the form below and we'll get in touch within 24 hours. Or you can reach us at 

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